Luxury Production Yachts – Riviera 5400SY

Curved marine glass windows for sleek elegant designs.

The name Riviera is synonymous around the world with quality, luxury, style, innovation, and a built-to-last philosophy. They produce luxury yachts featuring bent marine glass windows between 36 to 77 feet and have some of the most discerning customers in the world.

Our ability to curve unusual shaped glass with our DuraShield Marine® glass means elegant and sleek designs can be realised in these luxury production yachts. A great example is the Riviera 5400 Sports Yacht.

Irregular shaped, flat glass panels, can be processed through the curving furnace in such a way that the finished window is an elegant and complex curve that matches perfectly the smooth sleek lines of the hull. It’s the details like this that elevate the overall feeling of the vessel and appeal to the clientele of Riviera.

For any new design that Riviera puts into production, we send our specialist technicians with state of the art measuring technology to provide perfect CAD models of the required marine glass windows. Once approved, the part can be assigned a part number and the customer simply orders the part as and when required.

Product used in this project.

Dura Shield Marine Superyacht Glass by Glasshape

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Riviera 5400SY Superyacht
Riviera 5400SY Superyacht

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